GF TAŞIMASILIK VE LOJISTIK HIZMETLERI TİC A.Ş. It was founded in 2007 by GALLOZZI GROUP, headquartered in Italy / Salerno. With 68 years of experience in the maritime sector firms operating in Turkey since 2007, with experienced and competent employees it has gained rapid momentum in a short time and did a lot of lines in Turkey has managed to become one of the top 10 shippers.

GF TURKEY has been offering a service understanding that emphasizes customer and employee satisfaction, not with numbers, since its foundation with its different perspective on the transportation and logistics sector. Proceeding quickly and confidently with its highly qualified and dedicated employees, GF TURKEY aims to be one of the world's leading reputable companies with its global identity.

In addition to its offices in Italy, England and China, it continues its services as a Freight Forwarder with its offices in Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin and Bursa.

Full Container Loading (FCL) 
With GF TURKEY, we offer a flexible FCL product tailored to your supply chain, in a way that best suits your business needs. GF TURKEY is an expert in specially designed solutions, especially when it comes to maritime transport.It offers fully integrated transportation services for all your container loads. It offers you the best solution in intermodal and multimodal transportation service requests with its many years of experience.

We provide comprehensive LCL services, developed through seamless connections with our global LCL services and warehouses and road services. As GF TURKEY, this offers the highest standards in comprehensive door-to-door solutions that allow even the smallest cargo to reach its destination reliably, flexibly and effectively.

GFI TURKEY, both with large front transport network both in Turkey, Italy, the UK and China Ports and door to door transportation and storage services to its customers with DAP, DDP and DDU delivery services. Whether you need road transport, rail transport, sea transportation or all off them solutions ensure that your shipments reach your desired final transport point on time and reliably.