Salerno Container Terminal is the closest and friendliest gateway for goods moving from and to Southern and Central Italy, is motivated and proud to provide;

  • Friendly tailor made solutions to cope with any port logistic requirement
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year handling operations
  • High productivity and late arrivals flexible procedures
  • Computerized gates, Yard, Vessel planning and management
  • Ideal location for export and import containers of the area
  • Licensed V.A.T. bonded depot (suspended import V.A.T. settlement)
  • Directly linked to the North-South Italian national highway network
  • Containerization, handling and lashing of B.B. and O.O.G. cargoes
  • IMO cargo fully licensed storage Yard
  • Reefer containers handling storage and management
  • Own skilled and motivated port workers, including lashing gangs
  • V.G.M. services
  • Inspection, maintenance, repairs and cleaning of empty containers, including food grade standards

The vast majority of the export flow of business from China, the Far East and remaining countries in the World discharged in the South Italian ports is delivered to the Nola District (over 500 companies specialized in importation and distribution) and to the Rome area, the Italian Capital.

Salerno Contaner Terminal and Terminal Intermodale Nola have jointly set up the most efficient, fast and cost effective logistic and transport arrangements for the handling, clearance, storage and delivery of the goods destined for these two strategic locations.

The two partners have set up an alliance for the coordinated use of the Salerno port infrastructure and the Nola in-land hub, offering anand efficiency to any logistic need,from the place of departure to that of delivery of the goods. innovative integrated facility, able to respond with greater competitiveness

The goods are transferred under bond, by dedicated fast shuttles running round the clock between the port of Salerno and the Interporto. The customs clearance operations can be performed at the Territorial headquarters of Nola Customs office and the “last-mile” just in time deliveries quickly provided to the companies operating in the Nola business district, the leading B2B trade distribution center in Europe.